Virtual Event 2020

Click here for Earthdance London 2020

Earthdance International has been connecting dance floors, hearts and intentions all over the world since 1997, and we are proud to still be going strong.

At Midnight UK time all Earthdance events around the world will synchronise with the powerful Global Prayer for Peace moment.

Harnessing the immense power of our synchronised intention, this is a powerful and magical moment, and it’s effects can be felt!

Each and every person matters and makes a difference, so we really hope you can join us and add your magic and energy to global field!

🔹ED London- our vision 🔹
Our concept is to provide an ecstatic activated higher dimensional sacred space- a temple of the heart, and of awakening. A place of connection, community, and remembrance of that which lies within – our divinity and our power, which is infinite and immense!
Together, united, connected, and empowered, we can heal and transform ourselves and our world!

Our online 2020 edition is a co-creation between Earthdance London and the amazing Anthropos Festival!

We know this experience will be filled with love, high vibrations and magic!

We love you, we miss you, we hope to see you on the 19th! 😍

One world. One Heart. One love 💗

🔹Earthdance London Online 2020 🔹

🔹Room 1 – ‘Star Temple’ – Downtempo, Psychedelic & Goa Trance

🔹Room 2 – ‘Earth Temple’
Downtempo beats and grooves and workshops hosted by Anthropos Festival

🔹Global Prayer for Peace link up at Midnight UK time

🔹 Raising money for the UK NGO food bank- The Trussell Trust

🌸 Room 1 Schedule 🌸
Downtempo & Psy Trance

5.00pm Opening Meditation by Amoriah
5.15-6.15 Bubblewrap (downtempo set)
6.15-7.15 Liquid Soma (downtempo set)
7.15-8.15 Marcio TPS
8.15-9.15 Montez
9.15-10.15 Florescence
10.15-11.45 Shakti
11.45-11.55 Lance- Sitar
11.55-00.00 Live meditation with Amoriah
00.00 Global Prayer for Peace
00.05-01.05 Juicy Junglist (downtempo)
01.05-2.00 Indigo Herder (downtempo set)

🌸 Room 2 Schedule 🌸
Downtempo & Workshops

5.15-6.15 Workshop/Lecture
6.15-7.15 Owl
7.15-8.15 Amaluna
8.15-9.15 Dreamfaerie
9.15-10.15 Gaudi
10.15-11.15 Ekorce
11.15-00.00 Workshop

Room 1 Artists links

Bubblewrap UK

Liquid Soma GOA

Marcio TPS BRAZIL (Earthdance Brazil)

Montez UK

Florescence UK

Shakti UK

Juicy Junglist US (Earthdance Florida)

Indigo Herder UK

Room 2 Artists Links


Amaluna UK

Dreamfaerie UK

Gaudi UK

Ekorce UK